Before you start your rented generator

  • Ensure that where you park the generator is
    • Outside
    • Has enough clearance and ventilation around the generator
    • Is on a solid flat surface
  • Check that the park break is on
  • Always check that the generator has sufficient fuel (regardless of what you have been told)
  • Ensure that the generator is properly earthed.

To start the Generator

  • Open the panel and make sure
  • Turn the key to ON
  • Ensure that the main breaker is OFF ie in the down position
  • Press the power button
  • Allow the genset at least 30 seconds to warm up
  • You can then turn the main breaker to ON, i.e. up

Turning the Generator off

  • First switch the main breaker back to the off position
  • Allow the generator at least 2 minutes to cool down
  • Press the power button once – the genset will automatically go into a cool down period
  • Turn the key back into the off position