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Buy an Industrial Generator 

Purchasing a generator is a big investment and it is essential to get the correct specifications for your needs. We customize gensets to satisfy both your power needs and your budget. 

Through our experience we able to assess your needs and design the alternator and motor combination that will most effectively deliver your required performance. All our generators are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Which brand of generators is best for me?  

Choosing the right brand for your is our job. We only utilize components from quality, tried and tested companies, and will use all our experience and know how to propose the best possible solution for your business.

Electro Systems Generator division is committed to supplying the most effective generator for our customers needs. We have the capability to evaluate our clients requirements through load analysis and to then marry that with the relevant global quality Engine or Alternator partner that the company has secured. 

A general guide to calculate what size of a generator you require? 

Getting the correct sizing for a generator of a blend of art and science, experience and engineering. The most important factor is obviously the power output however bigger is not always better.  If the generator is too big for your needs it will not be economical to run; if it is too small not all your required equipment will be able to run. The power for both starting and running the equipment needs to be taken into account in addition to a number of factors – location, footprint, types of load, distribution, altitude etc. An electrician can run a load test or contact us to assist you.

Electro Systems is proud to partner with the following suppliers to bring you the most efficient and cost effective solution available:


generator canopy


The storage position of you generator will dictate whether you require a canopy or open genset.  Our canopies are manufactured in our Enclosures division in Johannesburg.  Our manufacturing plant is ISO 9001-2015 accredited and adheres to SABS standard.

generator motor control panel

Motor Control Panels

All control panels are specified and manufactured in-house, drawing on the company’s 30 years of experience in switchboard manufacturing to ensure a seamless quality delivery.  With the progress of technology and the internet-of-things ( IoT),  Electro systems in association with Allen-Bradley, is able to delivery cutting edge products for remote control and management of your genset.