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We build, construct, maintain, service and lease generators

Electro Systems Generators division are leaders in the supply of large scale industrial generators. The supply of an automated generator is just the first step in the relationship with our customers, the trust is built through our reliable outside support teams who are available 24/7 for breakdowns, and can perform maintenance and servicing on site.

In 2008 when the energy crisis hit South Africa, the country was unprepared and the black outs and load shedding played havoc with the countries productivity.  

The division has gone from strength to strength and there is a dedicated team who’s passion it is to not only construct generators to suit the needs of their customers, but to service, maintain and lease generators.

In line with Electro Systems commitment to quality service to our customers, Electro Generators can assist with the upkeep of both the mechanical and electronic parts of generators is significant as few generator shops specialise in both.

Why buy from us?

Proven Quality heritage with superior local support

Lowest possible operating costs

Environmentally friendly

Reliable, durable & dependable

Comprehensive warranties

Electro Generators’ employees are equally devoted to their clients and their craft.  As part of the Electro Systems family that has been serving the Lowveld since 1988, the employees of Electro Generators are proud to be part of this community.

Electro Systems Generator division is committed to supplying the most effective generators for our customers needs. We thus have the capability to evaluate our clients requirements through load analysis and to then marry that with the relevant global quality Engine or Alternator partner that the company has secured.

Electro Systems is proud to partner with the suppliers below to bring you the most effective solution available:

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